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ASTM srl offers its capabilities and expertise to the steel producers for the supply of equipment, automation, engineering, components and services.


Going back to the moment when we decided to create ASTM srl we asked ourselves: "What our Customers are looking for? What we can offer to them to accomplish their requirements and give them effective tools for steel production?". From the beginning of our challenge we deeply figure out these questions and we decided to develop our product respond to; such adjectives are:


ASTM srl present itself as a cost - winner and reliable supplier for parts for steel plants, automation and electrical parts, precision castings, guiding equipment, rolling rolls and rings, other consumable parts and spare parts which can be supplied according to the specification of the Customer.

Where we come from

ASTM srl has essentially two homelands; the professional and the work attitude of the peoples living in such places deeply influenced the spirit of our challenge. The first one is northern Italy, where many of the most important and innovative equipment and plant-makers are located, there we developed our engineering centre and the operative and design headquarter. The second homeland is the Popular Republic of China, where we have located another engineering and innovation centre and where, thanks to strategic co-operation agreements with the most reliable and advanced equipment makers, we manufacture some of our products.

The expertise

Is given by the dated experience of our engineers and managers that operated effectively in this field for many years. The manufacturing capabilities are shown by the top quality equipment manufacturing workshops and the operating reference plants, both of them can possibly be visited by our potential customers. It is widely recognised that the winning features of a modern effective steel production plant are not connected only to the quality of equipment but also to the performance and the reliability of the automation and process control system, concerning this issue ASTM Automation Division is able to give to its customers the most advanced and dedicated solutions.

Our task

ASTM srl is willing to give cost – winning activities for the steel producers such as supply of single equipment or portion of plants, automation and process control, consumable parts as rolling rolls and rings, guiding equipment such as roller guides either in speciality or stainless steel, spare parts for your operating plant according to the specification at best price and shorter period of delivery. In co-operation with our partner companies we are also able to supply complete rolling mill plants for long products (also second hand). We can study your “tailor made” plant; upgrading of existing plant; single machine, to be studied according to your request and specification.

Our task is not limited to the supply but includes also quality project management, the required engineering service, quality control and necessary certifications, supervision to the erection and commissioning.

Price is “cost winner”! Get in touch with our contact persons for more details.

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